The primary needs of mankind are food and shelter; the Branford Food Pantry (BFP) addresses that first need—food. The mission of the BFP is to provide groceries for families in need. We will find a way to help you.

Please read "How to get food " to find out how to qualify for  groceries from the BFP


Please Give Locally During the Largest Food Drive in the Nation

Mark your calendar: On Saturday, May 14, the Branford Letter Carriers will participate in the largest food drive in the country. All food collected locally will go directly to the Branford Food Pantry to provide supplemental food to families in need. Food items should be set near, or hung from, mailboxes, to be collected when mail is delivered on May 14.

“The Letter Carriers are proud to organize and support this drive because it provides us the opportunity to help those in need and give back to the community,” said Pat Anderson, Steward, Letter Carriers Union. “Typically, this drive generates 14,000 pounds for the Food Pantry on Harrison Ave., where some 30 volunteers unload and sort the goods. Nationwide, the drive yields as much as 70 million pounds of food annually.

While all non-perishable food is welcome, there is a special need for peanut butter, jelly or jam, stew, tuna fish, juices, cereal, hardy soups, canned chicken or pork, hash and other meat-based foods. 

The Branford Food Pantry serves about 174 different families in need monthly and distributes 15-18,000 pound of food a month. “Last year, our agency distributed 230,000 pounds,” said Wendy Cowles, Branford Food Pantry President. “This is only possible through the generosity of the community’s food or cash donors, groups like the Letter Carriers and volunteers at the Food Pantry.”  



New Food Pantry Program

The Branford Food Pantry shall conduct a pilot program to begin client shopping on Tuesday evenings from about 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. beginning on November 3, 2015. Tuesday evening was selected because it coincides with the CDR family dining night.    


We have a program called "Snacks for Kids".  Each week families will receive a bag containing 5 snack items for each child to take to school.  Please help to support this new effort by donating the following:  pudding/jello cups; fruit cups; raisins (small boxes); cereal/granola bars; small bags of chips/cookies/pretzels; snack crackers;  NO NUTS OR PEANUT PRODUCTS.  Thanks for your help in this new effort.  

In addition, we have an ongoing need for routine items such as cereal, peanut butter, soup, stew and coffee. Please consider sponsoring a drive to collect these items.



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